Being a graduate of NSBM Green University Town gives you the opportunity to become a privileged part of a proud alumni community making a difference across the world.

NSBM Alumni Unit together with NSBM Alumni Association offers you many benefits, including platforms for interacting with fellow NSBM graduates, lecturers and NSBM Green University Town, career / professional development support via NSBM Career Guidance Service, privileges on postgraduate studies, events for networking, and publicity for your achievements.

The Alumni community is a global network of over six thousand individuals across multiple countries, and continues to grow annually. This is your community and your network. You can access this invaluable professional resource to help you achieve success.

NSBM Alumni Association:

NSBM Alumni Association is the central umbrella body which represents all the Schools and their affiliated universities.

NSBM Green University Town expects the relationship between the Alumni and NSBM to be mutually beneficial to both parties. NSBM seeks to offer the alumni opportunities to help both professional development and/or their entrepreneurship development.

The success of the alumni members, their pride in NSBM and their Professional Feedback towards NSBM's course content, quality of delivery and NSBM's overall efforts to make globally employable graduates help strengthen NSBM. It is indeed a win-win relationship.

Objectives of the Alumni Association

The objectives of the Alumni Association should be to:

  1. Promote and encourage close relationships between NSBM and its alumni and among the Alumni themselves
  2. Provide and disseminate information regarding NSBM, its graduates, events, faculties and students, to the alumni,
  3. Initiate and develop activities for the benefit of the Alumni
  4. Serve as a forum through which alumni may support and advance the pursuit of academic and/or professional excellence at NSBM
  5. To guide and assist alumni who have recently completed their degree program at NSBM to obtain training and/or employment and engage in productive pursuits useful to society

Office Bearers of the Alumni Association

An annual general meeting of the NSBM Alumni Association to be held every year in which the following Office Bearers of the NSBM Alumni Association will be appointed, subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the Alumni Association.

  1. Patrons / Advisory Board
  2. President and two Vice-Presidents
  3. General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary
  4. National Organizer and International Organizer
  5. Twelve Executive Committee Members
  6. Finance Secretary and Deputy Finance Secretary
  7. Internal Audit Officer
  8. Editor and Sub-Editor
  9. Liaison Officer of NSBM
  10. Vice-Presidents for Membership Affaires, Special Projects, Professional Development and Finance Standing Committees

Upcoming Event

NSBM holds Inauguration of Alumni Association and Get-Together 2018:

The Inauguration of NSBM Alumni Association and first Annual General Meeting, NSBM Alumni Get-Together followed by Dinner & Networking and Entertainment were held on Friday, 21st September 2018 at NSBM Green University Town, Pitipana, Homagama. This event was open for all passed-out students of NSBM and Affiliated Universities.

Alumni Testimonials


Researcher and Analyst

BSc (Hons) Marketing and Management - (Class of 2017)

The 3 years I spent at NSBM have definitely enhanced my learning experience. The university provided me with numerous platforms to showcase

my talents. Most notably it gave me the opportunity to examine my professional interests in depth and be confident about the path I chose to follow in the future.


Digital Marketing Catalyst at Litmus

BSc in Business Management (Special) - Project Management (Class of 2017)

When I first joined NSBM, I was a fresh school leaver. I was excited about my career and future but I was confused about deciding on the correct path.

NSBM provided me with opportunities to improve myself and to lead others. NSBM helped me to become the leader I am today.


Human Resource Executive at MAS Intimates - Sri Lanka

BSc in International Business Management - (Class of 2017)

NSBM Green University was a platform for me to overcome my weaknesses and discover my potential. It provided opportunities for me to cultivate

my abilities. I was able to find employment while I was still an undergraduate because of the support given by NSBM. I believe I made the right decision by making NSBM my partner in higher education.


Founder/CEO at SAGE Systems, Co-Founder / Director at Paradise Ceylon Cinnamon International

BSc in Computer Science - (Class of 2018)

NSBM is a place that you can call home while receiving the best knowledge available. The lecturers are very friendly and dedicated, which lead to great lectures in the classrooms.

I have always been able to learn new things from them. They have continuously helped me with my educational matters. I was a committee member for many events, which gave me the opportunity to improve my communication Skills, leadership Skills, event organizing Skills and much more. I won't hesitate to mention that the success I have achieved today is because of that experience I gained at NSBM.


Freelance Interior Designer

Interior Architecture - (Class of 2017)

After my A/L examinations there were a lot of opportunities coming my way. Out of all these opportunities I decided on becoming an undergraduate;

reading for my Bachelors in Interior Architecture at the National School of Business Management (NSBM). We had the opportunity of learning many subjects; varying from main subjects such as Interior Design and Furniture Design, to secondary modules of theoretical subjects. It is also imperative to say that NSBM not only molded us as undergraduates but also trained us to grow to be professionals in the stream of creative design of Interior Architecture.



BSc in Management Information Systems (Special) - (Class of 2014)

I graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from National School of Business management - NSBM in January 2014.

Before joining NSBM I did not have a proper plan for my future, similar to many of my friends, and I wasn't aware of Management Information Systems. But today I understand the demand for MIS professionals because the university introduced me to the information technology industry very effectively and inculcated in me the skills I needed to succeed. Today I am a very well paid Engineer at Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd, enjoying the life to the fullest. I have a clear vision of my future and the drive to pursue it


Team Lead - Software Engineering at Prima Management Services and Co-Founder of Techsolit Software Solutions

BSc in Management Information Systems, MIT-MMT

I enjoyed being a student at NSBM for two main reasons. First, at NSBM I experienced that communicating with people with different cultural backgrounds can be quite challenging;

minding cultural differences, religious preferences and values and keeping an open mind are some of the important things an international environment can teach a person. The IT & Management programme constantly emphasizes the importance of team-work in today's global environment; working in teams is a key skill. The second reason why I like this programme is related to the lecturers. All of them are really helpful people who enjoy teaching and being challenged by their students and their fresh ideas.

Today I am a proud owner of my own Software Company, Techsolit Software Solutions which I started with two of my colleagues during our 1st year of studies as undergraduates and we have gained unparalleled experience as entrepreneurs in the real business environment. I provide career opportunities to graduates of various universities. I'm really happy with my presence and I thank NSBM for guiding me throughout the journey.


Executive Secretory to CEO / Vice Chancellor at NSBM Green University Town

BSc in Business Management (Special) - Human Recourse Management (Class of 2017)

Frankly, I stepped in to NSBM bearing nothing, but today, NSBM Green University Town has gifted me with everything I expected and more.

Achieving the dream job is the ultimate goal of any graduate passing out from the BEST University in Sri Lanka. Being a proud product of mother NSBM, I not only found my dream job but also realized my true self as an academic in her arms, which changed my entire life.

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