NSBM has a commitment to excellence that underpins all campus activities, particularly teaching. NSBM employs an experienced and qualified full-time lecturer panel in all areas. These academic leaders share their expert knowledge and insight with students, who then gain respected qualifications and the skills sought by employers in the challenging global job markets.

Over the past years, NSBM graduates have gained top-notch employment opportunities. Our internship component makes sure that our graduates are suitably prepared to be hired by the best companies in Sri Lanka and abroad.

NSBM’s strong industry ties make sure that all its undergraduates have industry exposure. In the nal year of the UGC approved degrees, the students have the opportunity for an internship and all the other degree programmes encourage minimum of a 3-month internship, making the students sought-out graduates by all.

NSBM Green University Town has modern academic facilities including lecture halls; computer labs; independent study areas, a library with a large collection of books, online resources and facilities, amenities for extra-curricular activities, such as an auditorium, an open-air theater, sports facilities such as fully-equipped gymnasia, swimming pool, sports ground and much more!

NSBM currently houses over 9,000 students following various degree programmes. They also engage in many clubs and societies, such as Rotary Club and Mozilla Club. Many follow a sport of their choice at the Green Campus.

All foreign degree programmes oer the option of following a year or two in the particular university in the respective country. Students can choose from UK, Australia or Malaysia or any other country where the degree is recognized.

NSBM oers a range of student support services in their academic activities including a Learning Management System where all lecture notes will be uploaded. Students can access them any time and download them for reference. The permanent lecturer panel is present in the faculty, making it easy for the students to contact them in need.

Hisham Adil Abdelrahman Ibrahim - Oman

I joined NSBM Green University as an international student for an undergraduate program. NSBM is a great place for us to learn, explore and build our future. NSBM is like another world to me as I came from Middle East. While studying here I found this place as one of the nicest places to enhance your knowledge, skills and build interpersonal relationships. I like people here, all are very friendly with everyone and it has a healthy environment to study. I nally want to say that you can make your future dreams real in at NSBM.

Shaymaa Galal - Egypt

The summer camp at NSBM was truly one of the best experiences. I went to one of the best touristic places in Sri lanka , engaged with people with from dierent cultures, and had the best time doing adventures, and getting to know about the amazing Sri lankan culture. Everything was so convenient and everyone was friendly. I had so much fun.

Henry Robert Welling - UK

NSBM is a bustling and rich social experience and an even greater educational experience. The University is luscious and green, boasting fantastic lecturers and a myriad of top-grade facilities.

Hari Chandana Gudimella - India

I am Chandana, a (1st year student reading ) following for a BSc in Banking and Finance in affiliation with Victoria University, Australia VU(banking and finance degree) inat NSBM Green University. NSBM is definitely the place to be. An absolutely Aamazing campus, and It is facilitated with excellent lecture halls, a resourceful library, a Medical Center,a recreational center and a play ground, all are well maintained. Many extra-curricular activities and clubs & societies are available for students.

Summer camp participants - Japan

The experiences were truly enriching and the experiences would not have been possible in China. I met some amazing, like minded people who I know I will stay in touch with, gained a lot of experience, skills and condence and met some amazing Sri Lankans who are the kindest people you’ll ever meet. I want to recommend Nsbm summer camp program to all of you!Join us!

Asiyath Ibana - Maldives

NSBM Green University is a place full of friendly faces with warm bright smiles. Along with studies, NSBM provides a lot of other signicant opportunities that helps you to enhance your personality and develop your skills.