English for 21st Century-National English Day Competition 2017 by NSBM


National School of Business Management (NSBM), the nation’s premier degree awarding school is organizing a national level English Language Day for the schools island wide.  Moving a step further from the language competitions that are usually organized for students, the NSBM English Day 2017 not only provides school students with a platform for competing to assess their language competence, but also conducts workshops and seminars on the categories they compete on, so that all the students participating in the contests get the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in order to compete on more equal grounds.  

Contributing to the nation in manifold ways has always been a top priority of NSBM. Therefore, its English Language Unit has organized the aforementioned English Day 2017 with the approval of Ministry of Education so as to create a forum for interaction and skills development among secondary school students who are competent in English Language and Literature. With this objective in mind a number of competitions will assess both Ordinary Level and Advanced Level students’ writing and speaking skills as well as grammar and vocabulary competence.  To be more precise, the categories of competition include:

Best Essay Writer

Best Creative Writer (Poems and Short Stories)

Best Speaker

Best Drama

Language Accuracy Test

The timely theme English for 21st Century will pervade most competitions through which a dialogue is to be created on how Sri Lankans would utilize English Language as a tool to position themselves in global business, education and entertainment. The award winning compositions emerging from the competitions are to be published as proceedings of the NSBM English Day 2017 and will be distributed among all participating schools and other institutions in the country.  

The contests will be held maintaining optimum standards of English Language and highest levels of transparency with regard to the judgments. The review panels will comprise academics from state universities and professionals in the specific fields. The workshops and seminars are also conducted by the resource personnel of same caliber and will allow the participants to familiarize themselves with the techniques and good practices of essay and creative writing, speaking and drama performance. These sessions will be real value additions because irrespective of the position they acquire in the competitions, every participant would gain knowledge and practice on the respective categories by attending the seminars and workshops. The participants who excel in the contests as well as the schools they represent will be publicly recognized at an Award Ceremony of scale and stature.

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