Smart Valley: A Smart venture of five smart NSBM Undergraduates


Smart Valley: A Smart venture of five smart NSBM Undergraduates 
“The Legends’ Paradise of Technology, Science & Art...”

Being in the second year of the university and starting business as computing undergraduates? Doing innovative things to learn while earning some cash?
That’s what these five smart undergraduates of NSBM Green University Town have done. Being undergraduates of School of Computing ManöRanjana Đe SilvaAkila RathnayakaSasith Warnaka FonsekaSankalpa Sudheeraand Mayuka S. Wijerathna have started “Smart Valley” a startup which helps to begin unlimited startups with wonderful ideas. Formally, Smart Valley was started with a concept and after the smart ideas of our team it was expanded covering a vast area which may beat thousands of concepts in connection with technology as well as business in the noble future.

According to the Smart Valley Team the basic goal of this awesome concept is growing a self-employed culture between the students who pay for private higher education by parents defeating the barriers of Sri Lanka. At a glance, the core expectation of Smart Valley is building a space to all the students of the university to express, evaluate billions of innovative ideas and make them into a productive and profitable outcome.

This great imagination has become a reality thanks to the valuable backstage support of Dr. Prabath Weerasinghe, senior lecturer at School of Computing, NSBM Green University Town. Now, the Smart Valley is monitored by above students under the patronage of Dr. Prabath Weerasinghe, Dr. Rasika Ranaweera, Mr. Chaminda Rathnayake and all other academic staff of School of Computing, NSBM Green University Town.

At present, the Smart Valley is being profited by several type projects and researches which were taken from different companies, universities and clients.

By now, a lot of startups in different areas are being grown in Smart Valley. iMobilehub is a major startup implemented focusing Mobile based software and hardware development under Smart Valley. Including iMobilehub, there are few major startups are being developed covering different areas such as Web Development, Data Analysis & Data Warehousing, Cyber Security, Standalone Application Development. Also, Smart Valley has a research team for handling deep and critical researches.

In the upcoming future, Smart Valley hopes to power-up more startup covering Internet of Things(IOT), Multimedia, Event Management and many more. The final goal of this beautiful conceptual startup is to be expanded to other universities covering all island. Not only that, the next step of the Smart Valley is to change the rhythm of technology, art, science and everything all over the world with innovative ideas and humanity.

To encourage this innovative idea and company, the university has decided to reserve an office room for Smart Valley to grow their businesses. This local office was opened by Mr. Baratha DodankotuwaHead of Academic Development NSBM under the blessing of Dr. EA Weerasinghe Vice Chancellor of NSBM Green University  Town on 8th February 2018. Their official website was also launched on this occasion. Mr. Mohamed Shafraz Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Chaminda Wijesinghe and other Senior Lecturers of School of Computing participated for this event. 

NSBM Green University Town  wishes all success to the team Smart Valley. You can contact them using following details.


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