The NSBM Students Research Symposium 2018


The NSBM Students’ Research Symposium, 2018 was held March 5th, 2018, which realizes the timely need in the current growth phase of the National School of Business Management (NSBM). The thriving of such intellectual ventures is indeed a proud moment, as our second cohort of student researchers partake in such a symposium. Professor Hemanthi Ranasinghe, the Dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies of University of Sri Jayawardene attended to the event as key note speaker, with the presence of its Vice Chancellor Dr. E A Weerasinghe and the participation of all academic staff.


Teaching and research are the dual activities of any university. Though the priority given to research (in comparison to teaching) varies across universities, it remains an intrinsic component in any university of standing. NSBM strives to maintain a healthy balance between them through research by students and teachers. This is imperative particularly because Sri Lanka is in dire need of developing and disseminating new knowledge pertaining to their people, processes and organizations.


This projects that have been selected for presentation at the research symposium are amongst the best student researchers we have produced this year, they shall provide evidence of the effective and novel approach to research here at NSBM. NSBM study programmes constitute a research component which students are expected to carry out under the guidance of staff members. Further, they are encouraged to select local industrial settings for study which have multiple benefits – benefits to students, to industries and to the university.