Siyapath Siya Udanaya 2018


In the NSBM Annual Calendar, there are few major events where NSBM students receive boundless opportunities to optimize their sportive and recreational talents.
'Siyapath Siya Udanaya' was initiated in 2012, by the students of National School of Business Management with the intention of celebrating New Year annually. Encompassing multiple traditional games and rituals, the NSBM Awurudhu festival is one of the most colorful and vivacious events of the year. The event was organized for the seventh consecutive year in 2018. The organizing committee is formed with NSBM staff and students representing all batches from each degree programme offered at NSBM including the most recently inaugurated students.
At the NSBM Green University Town, your education starts at the lecture hall, but does not finish there! You have the option of joining a society, sports club, or aesthetic activity of your choice. Supporting over 45 clubs and organizing regular fiestas and on-campus entertainment, Our Green University Town is one of the most socially active students’ associations in the country. You will feel at home and make loads of new friends at the NSBM, as there's something to suit everyone’s interests and abilities.
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