Chathurvida Manpeth at Mahinda College Galle


Mahinda College Galle is a school with a remarkable history and a glorious present is undeniably a Historic National Asset. Mahinda College Alumni is full of personalities of the highest caliber in numerous fields such as Professors, Medial fields, Political field, Forces, Medical, Engineering, Law and the Sports field. Over the years, Mahinda College has earned its reputation in various areas of academic excellence as well as in sports.

NSBM places great priority on our agenda of Education support services to students. "චතුර්විධ මං පෙත්" is a specially crafted programme targeting the school children and teachers to groom them suiting for 21st Century.

On 18th June, With the presence of Vice principal Mahinda College Galle, Media and cultural development consultant, the veteran lyricist, Mr. Bandula Nanayakkarawasam conducted this event today with Mr Chiranjeewa Atapattu,Head of Marketing,Ms Maithree lecturer attached to NSBM Green University and Dr Prabath Weerasignhe was participated.Further,NSBM would continue to explore new opportunities to deepen their engagement with the schools.