NSBM Graduates to get job Placements in Japan


NSBM in its task of reaching global network made a breakthrough in securing job opportunities in Japan for its graduates through a joint venture project with Human Resocia Co. Ltd. Japan recently.

Human Resocia Co. Ltd. Japan and NSBM Green University unveiled a plan to place NSBM Computing graduates permanently in leading companies in Japan would that fetch them lucrative perks. A high-powered team from Human Resocia had discussions with the Vice Chancellor of NSBM Dr. EA Weerasinghe and other senior staff members on the modalities which were followed by a seminar and interview session conducted by Human Resocia for NSBM graduates on the opportunities available in Japan. Through a stringent criterion of selection, Resocia announced that more than 30 NSBM graduates have passed the first interview.

A representative from Resocia Co. Ltd stated "We are impressed with the Green University. What employers find attractive is the targeting of young talented people all around the world before they graduate from these types of modern universities, so they can easily mould themselves into what they want them to be and we gave one year to learn Japanese language as well. We believe that there shouldn't just be one model of recruiting bright young talent to top graduate-level jobs."

Japan maintains its position as the 3rd largest national economy in the world, after the United States and China, in terms of nominal GDP with a booming employment market. The hubris generated by the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020 and the Rugby World Cup in 2019, a considerable number of investments are coming into Japan at an accelerated pace. According to Human Resocia Co. Ltd, these dynamics along with certain migration restrictions are causing a supply and demand situation whereby the job opportunities are on the increase.

NSBM Green University currently houses over 9,000 on-campus students and is aiming to record the highest university student population among the state and private universities by the end of year 2020.