NSBM holds discussions with Times Higher Education


NSBM holds discussions on 17th July 2019 with THE (Times Higher Education) Consultancy who provides strategic insights for growth amid a fast-transforming global higher education landscape.

MR. Dipit Sharma (Director- Hiring Solutions -The times Higher Education,South Asia) presented their credentials to NSBM team. Senior the academic team from NSBM GREEN UNIVERSITY comprising of Mr. Baratha Dodankotuwa (Head of Academic Development & Quality Assurance), Dr. Chandana Perera (Dean of the School of Engineering), Dr. Rasika Ranaweera and Mr. Chiranjeewa Atapattu (Head of Marketing) participated in the discussion.

THE is the leading provider of higher education data for the world's research-led institutions. THE builds on the foundations of its World University Rankings, which have been adopted as a geopolitical indicator as well as an aid to the strategic management of institutions and which is a crucial factor in the study choices made by millions of students around the world.

NSBM tries to bring world-class education with innovative approaches by the use of technology to curate and deliver a more immersive and tailored education experience. The meeting also gave the opportunity for the senior management of NSBM to showcase the future and discuss potential avenues for collaborations with THE.