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NSBM Journal of Management

Volume 1, No. 2, July – December, 2015

Time-Varying Exchange Rate Exposure: Evidence from	                01 – 20
Emerging Markets

Prabhath Jayasinghe

Knowledge Management for Service Innovation: 	                     21 – 40
A Study of Sri Lankan Business Service Organizations

Seshika Kariyapperuma

‘I am How I Consume’: The Construction of Identity through	        41 – 70
Use of the Mobile Telephone

Dinuka Wijetunga

The Impact of Situational and Demographic Factors on	              71 – 93
Ethical Perceptions of Earnings Management Practices

Roshan Ajward

Not So Silent: How Social Support is Given and Received in	        94 – 126
Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Sri Lankan Workplaces

Arosha S Adikarm

Case Study: Application of Six Sigma Methodology in	               127 – 154

Glazing and Printing Processes: The Case of Lanka Wall Tiles PLC.

D M A Kulasooriya and K K A Nihal Kumarasinghe

Book Review: The Stronghold of Tradition and Tensions in	          155 – 159

Juxtapositions (Exploring the Sri Lankan MOD-TRADI Consumer)

by Dinuka Wijetunga

Sumanasiri Liyanage and Chamari Jayani Wijayawardane

ISSN 2465-5643

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