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Vol. 1 No. 4 27th November, 2015


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                                   Quarterly Newsletter of National School of Business Management

A FAST TRACK                                                             NSBM QUARTERLY NEWS

FOR EXCELLENCE                                                       The objective of the newsletter of the National School of
IN A GLOBALIZED                                                      Business Management, NSBM QUARTERLY NEWS, is to provide
                                                                     a medium for disseminating current news, information and
ENVIRONMENT                                                          notices about NSBM among students, parents, the industry

                                                                     and other interest groups. It provides a snapshot of NSBM

We live in a world of              During the last several decades   on a quarterly basis. It is envisaged that NSBM QUARTERLY
                                   the world has witnessed a         NEWS will enable NSBM to interact closely with the different
complexity and change. The         high level of globalization of    stakeholder groups for better mutual understanding which in
winds of globalization that        production and of markets.        turn will improve the services that it offers to the society.
originated in the west with the    With regard to globalization
diffusion of neo-liberal ideas     of production, it has been        NSBM QUARTERLY NEWS will be issued in the months of
have intensified and are now       observed that more and            March, June, September and December. This issue, however,
blowing over most parts of         more individual companies         is released to coincide with the NSBM Convocation, 2015
the world including Sri Lanka.     are dispersing parts of their     (Graduation of students who followed the Plymouth University,
Globalization is necessarily       production processes to           UK Degree Programmes) which falls on November 27, 2015.
accompanied by competition         different locations around the
and in order to be successful      globe in order to take advantage  Each issue will cover news and information related to the
one has to be ruthlessly           of national differences in the    preceding quarter and notices relevant to the next quarter.
competitive. This requires         cost and quality of factors of    Readers are cordially invited to send their comments and
deciding on the right course of    production with a focus on        suggestions to the compilers.
action early and moving in that    lowering costs and enhancing
direction fast. It is true in the  profits.
sphere of education as well,

for it determines the future of    As for the globalization of
the present generation of boys
and girls. The National School     markets, we have moved away
of Business Management
(NSBM), having realized this       from an economic system in
need, provides opportunities
for young men and women of         which national markets are
Sri Lanka to be equipped with
a degree from a world class        distinct entities, isolated from
university in a discipline of
their choice and enter the job     each other by barriers of trade,
arena early and thereby enjoy
a first mover advantage.           of time, distance and culture

The lead story of this issue       toward a system in which they
of the NSBM Quarterly News
consists of two parts. The first   are merging into one huge
part provides an overview of
globalization while the second     market place. Accordingly,                                                         that industry boundaries spread
part lays down NSBM’s path         the tastes and preferences of framework characterized by                           beyond one’s country into other
for young men and women to         consumers in different nations strong private property rights, free                national markets. This is owing to
be competitive in a globalized     are beginning to converge on markets and free trade with minimal                   many industries becoming global
environment.                                                         intervention by the state, and second,           in their operations. This shift from
                                   some global norms.                                                                 national to global markets has
The Globalized                                                       dramatic advances that continue                  intensified competitive rivalry in
World                                                                                                                 industries. National markets that
                                   There are two drivers that to take place in communication,                         were once oligopolies consisting
                                   facilitate the globalization of information processing and                         of three or four players insulated
                                   markets and production. The transportation      technologies                       from foreign competition have been
                                                                                                                      transformed into segments of a
                                   first is the propagation of that multiply connectivity and                         fragmented global market, where a
                                   neo-liberal ideas that carry revolutionize the personal and work                   large number of companies battle
                                   the notion that human well- lives of people. This is encapsulated                  each other for market share. Further,
                                   being can best be achieved in the term ‘emerging of a global                       as competitive rivalry grew the
                                   by ensuring individual village.’

                                   entrepreneurial freedoms and
                                   skills within an institutional This trend towards globalization

                                                                              has several implications. First, it is

                                                                     crucial for companies to recognize need for pioneering new products,

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