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                                         Vol. 2 No. 1 March 4, 2016
            Quarterly Newsletter of National School of Business Management

            NSBM Green                                            NSBM QUARTERLY
            University Town                                       NEWS

                                                                  The objective of the newsletter of the National
                                                                  School of Business Management, NSBM
                                                                  QUARTERLY NEWS, is to provide a medium
                                                                  for disseminating current news, information
                                                                  and notices about NSBM among students,
                                                                  parents, the industry and other interest groups.
                                                                  It provides a snapshot of NSBM on a quarterly
                                                                  basis. It is envisaged that NSBM QUARTERLY
                                                                  NEWS will enable NSBM to interact closely
                                                                  with the different stakeholder groups for
                                                                  better mutual understanding which in turn
                                                                  will improve the services that it offers to the

                                   A Novel Experience in          NSBM QUARTERLY NEWS will be issued in the
                                     Higher Education in          months of March, June, September and December.
                                                       Sri Lanka  This issue is released to coincide with the NSBM
                                                                  Convocation, 2016 (Graduation of students who
                                                                  followed the UGC approved degree programmes)
                                                                  which falls on March 8th 2016.

Going Green and                                 mankind in particular, to take steps to ensure    instruction (conduct of courses of study)
the Role of NSBM                                the sustainability of the planet through          and (iii) Encourage and help those who pass
                                                responsible behaviour by its people. The          out to engage in green practices in their
Going green is a mind-set followed by           National School of Business Management            places of work.
     action; a deep urge to care for the earth  has responded to this plea with earnestness
whilst still being profit-oriented, to develop  in setting up the NSBM Green University           An architectural masterpiece of awe-
appropriate strategies and to take necessary    Town on a sprawling 26-acre land, away            inspiring structures, large expanses of
action towards that end. The process of         from the hustle and bustle of the city, and       space and imposing columns, the Green
civilization followed by industrialization has  nestling in the greenery and quiet of a rural     University Town is woven into an eco-friendly
given rise to the exploitation of our planet    setting. The NSBM Green University Town           environment with greenery all round. It’s a
which with the advent of globalization          will commence its operations in the middle        perfect blend of modernity and nature which
has reached dizzy heights signalling the        of July, 2016.                                    will bring meaning and inspiration both
possibility of even the extinction of mankind.                                                    to the university community and visitors.
Unplanned use of land and its elements,         As an institute of higher education calling       The university premises will abound with
waste of scarce resources and irresponsible     for a greener planet, it will, at a higher order  a canopy of trees, groves, plants, including
behaviour of both producers and consumers       conceptual level, (i) Introduce standard and      a vegetable garden and an orchard, which
are making the world increasingly less green    innovative practices (green) that will result in  will be in perfect harmony with the buildings
and thereby uninhabitable.                      a conscious and careful use of mother earth       that will have its own share of greenery.
A passionate cry has been raised by lovers of   and its elements, (ii) Inculcate a green mind-    Further, eco-friendly energy and water saving
                                                set among its student community through           and waste disposal methods will be in use

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