University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth is celebrated as UK’s most prominent and dynamic universities founded in 1862 and is now among the top 3 modern universities in the world. The University currently has an alumni population of over 30,000 and is still growing every year with a staff of almost 3000. The university earns an annual income of around £ 160 million and plays a major role in the Combined Universities in Cornwall.

The university prides itself for its high academic standards that are in line with their mission to be the enterprise university in the world. The university has an excellent reputation for teaching and learning, world class research and work with businesses and the community.

The results of the 2008 RAE showcase that Plymouth has indeed proven its excellence as the university leapt 15 places to join the top 50 universities of the world which is the greatest improvement in the recent history of UK research performance.

Plymouth is a University that never fails to deliver outstanding economic, social and cultural benefits. Therefore, NSBM with its strong affiliation with Plymouth University offers a wide array of degrees for students in the fields of Management and Information Technology.

Victoria University

Victoria University achieved university status in 1990, but their preceding institutions date back to 1916. Victoria University is one of Australia’s few dual-sector universities. Today, they have more than 46,000 enrolled students in higher education, vocational education and training students in their campuses.

VU is ranked in the world’s top 2% (THE World University Rankings 2016/2017) and firmly positioned in the QS World University Rankings 2016/2017. As one of 39 public universities in Australia, graduates can be assured their qualification from VU is being awarded from a university operating in a world-class education system.

As well as about 5000 international students stuying our courses in Australia, we have more than 9400 international students studying VU courses at overseas partner institutions, mainly in Asia.

Being a dual-sector university means that our students can easily pathway from vocational education to higher education - such as from a certificate or diploma course through to an undergraduate degree or even a postgraduate qualification by coursework or research.

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