NSBM promotes, publishes and disseminates research of highest international standards. Ultimate objective is to make NSBM a leading research university or a 'think tank' in Sri Lanka. The NSBM uses a number of modalities to achieve this objective:

Demand driven research

NSBM initiates and undertake research projects which are needed and appreciated by the Sri Lankan society, in particular, industry sector (e.g. resource management, CSR, marketing, environmental impacts) and public institutions (e.g. trade and industrial policy, environmental policy, competition policy). Being the first Green University in Sri Lanka, NSBM has a special focus on sustainable development, the goals for which were adopted by the world leaders in September 2015. In this regard, Sri Lanka is expected to choose appropriate targets out of 169 and identify policies and strategies to achieve SDGs.

Research capacity building

NSBM intends to build research capacity of Sri Lankan junior researchers from public institutions, business sector and civil society organizations. Tailor made training courses for empirical research including in trade, investment, management, marketing, environmental management, marketing and computing will be developed and delivered.

Research collaboration

Research partnerships with national, regional and international agencies are developed to engage in collaborative research.

Dissemination of research

The most research undertaken in Sri Lanka are ended either in book shelves or journals and are not normally channeled to policy makers or industries. NSBM intends to fill this gap by establishing an economic research network as well as organizing national and regional conferences.


NSBM intends to publish periodical journals as well as books of the highest standards on current topics of relevance in economic, environmental and social areas.

Data bases on business

A major constraint faced by both policy makers and industry leaders is the absence of data bases for various analyses important for decisions making. NSBM intends to fill this vacuum by developing readily available data bases such as industry data, trade and investment data.


With highly qualified and experienced experts in various fields including business management, computing, tourism, human resource development, economics, trade, investment, natural resources, and business communication, NSBM is ready to undertake consulting assignments in the context of Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia. Such consulting will be undertaken not only by NSBM staff but also by regional and international experts. In addition, NSBM is well equipped with data needed for high quality consulting.

Either for research consulting or professional research,

Prof. Ravi Ratnayake,
Director of Research and International Relations of NSBM

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